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Rules review takes on nursing facility administration challenges | Jul 20


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On today's update...

Rural nursing homes are the subject of sustainability questions across the nation — and South Dakota is no different. During this summer's rules review, finance practices were the focus.

Former President Donald Trump is set to appear at an event organized by the state Republican party in Rapid City in September. The event is called the Monumental Leader's Dinner.

A mining company says it's going to drill dozens of holes near Keystone to search for a lithium-bearing mineral called spodumene. The move comes as the Black Hills are seeing an increase in claims for lithium and other minerals.

A Better Business Bureau investigation found an online car dealership scam under a fraudulent South Dakota address. Collector's Cars falsely claimed to be in Webster.

Officials are issuing a public health warning over water conditions at Lake Mitchell. The city's warning says a harmful algae bloom may make Lake Mitchell unsafe for people and animals.

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed legislation to make it easier for tribal members to buy a home. Senators Mike ROunds and John Thune proposed the Tribal Trust Land Homeownership Act.

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