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Pennington County Auditor expects higher-than-average turnout | June 06


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On today's update...

Tuesday is election day in Rapid City. With five candidates vying for mayor and school board seats up for grabs, the results are far from predictable.

Municipal elections are here for many communities, including Mitchell. Alongside usual city government roles, a bond issue relating to athletic facilities at the local high school is in front of the public Tuesday.

Landowners are raising questions about the federal agency that oversees pipeline safety. This comes amid a legal battle over several proposed pipelines across the Midwest.

The South Dakota Supreme Court is upholding a state law that requires consent from a landowner to fish, hunt, or trap on their land. Doing so without permission is a misdemeanor.

Hunting is a state passion that doubles as an economic driver. Thousands of hunters from around the country flock to South Dakota every year. The Department of Tourism says hunters spend roughly seven times more money than the average tourist.

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Krystal is the local host of "All Things Considered."