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New research identifies nationwide Catholic-led Native boarding schools | May 17


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On today's update...

Thanks to newly published research, there is more public information than ever sharing the truth of the indigenous boarding school era. Despite this, the path ahead for reconciliation between Native communities and the group that created these schools remains muddy.

New immigration policies are now in effect and Republican legislators have concerns and criticisms over how these changes affect border security.

Some of Governor Kristi Noem's donors in the last two years were able to give more than South Dakota campaign-finance laws allow, according to a new report. By donating to the Noem Victory Fund, a federal joint fundraising committee, donors could give more than the $4,000 limit for state campaigns.

U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson introduced a bill he says will protect the land where the Wounded Knee Massacre took place by placing it into restricted fee status. The bill is called the Wounded Knee Massacre Memorial and Sacred Sites Act.

South Dakota's largest cities aren't the only areas seeing increasing rates of homelessness. Residents of Mitchell are hoping to establish the city's only homeless shelter to assist the hundreds of people without a reliable place to stay.

Dawn Marie Johnson has been elected the newest member of the Sioux Falls School Board. Johnson currently serves as the director of leadership and culture with the South Dakota Afterschool Network and is the first woman of color to be elected to the Sioux Falls Board.

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