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Lawmakers whittle down tax cut proposals | Mar 07


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On today's update...

South Dakota lawmakers are narrowing in on a plan to reduce the overall sales tax rate. But the exact form of that plan still needs to be worked out.

The question of what to do if a woman obtains an abortion in an illegal state is now in the hands of lawmakers. What have South Dakota legislators elected to do?

The state House voted down a bill preventing a legislator’s spouse from being a lobbyist. Lawmakers killed SB 197 on a 44 to 24 vote.

The Medicaid expansion rollout is fast approaching in South Dakota. For the state’s budget makers, that’s just another variable to keep an eye on.

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport has hired a consulting firm to build a new master plan for future expansion. They’re working with Mead and Hunt.

And more.

Krystal is the local host of "All Things Considered."