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Second attempt to clarify only abortion exception halted | Mar 02


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On today's update...

Multiple efforts to clarify the state’s only abortion exception have stalled as lawmakers near the end of session. The clarifications were opposed by the state’s preeminent anti-abortion group.

Fifty years ago this week, protestors moved into the Pine Ridge Reservation and refused to leave. This historic event was a conflict between the federal government and the American Indian movement.

State lawmakers are advancing a bill that prohibits noncompete clauses for several healthcare practitioners. Supporters say they want to break down barriers to healthcare access.

The Senate Health and Services Committee met for the final time this legislative session. Lawmakers discussed House Bill 1053 which would prohibit pregnant and breastfeeding women from acquiring medical cannabis cards.

A South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks program to control the population of predator species is back. March 1, 2023, marked the start of this year’s Nest Predator Bounty Program.

The first solo for an orchestra musician or a grand opening for a composer would be a significant moment in any artist’s career. This Saturday, the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra has both in one show.

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