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Social studies standards proposal largely rejected by South Dakota educators | Feb 14


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On today's update...

Rapid City hosted the third of four public meetings discussing new proposed social studies standards. Dozens of educators, administrators and parents made their voices heard in person, with hundreds of public comments submitted online.

Governor Kristi Noem has signed into law a bill preventing doctors from prescribing certain health care to transgender kids. House Bill 1080 passed both chambers in less than two weeks. Noem signed the bill Monday.

A House committee is advancing a bill that bans any kind of performance or event considered sexual in state-owned facilities or property. The bill was originally tailored to ban drag shows, but its prime sponsor has broadened its scope.

A bill aimed at providing restitution to landowners for damages incurred by trespassing hunters has dies in the House. The bill proposed a $150 fine for unauthorized entry on private land and a $500 fine for willful trespassing.

Game, Fish and Parks has announced outdoor recreation funding opportunities. Grant funding is available for city, county, township, and tribal governments looking to create outdoor recreation projects.

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