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House committee advances carbon pipeline eminent domain bill | Feb 07


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On today's update...

A House panel is advancing a bill to limit use of eminent domain for pipeline construction in South Dakota. The House State Affairs Committee has under consideration multiple bills concerning proposed carbon pipelines.

A pair of South Dakota House bills designed to codify aspects of the federal Indian Child Welfare protections in state law failed to pass on yesterday. One of them would have bumped up requirements for the Department of Social Services to keep Native children with their families and tribes. The other outlined placement preferences for all children to keep them in their communities.

Authorities say a police officer has shot and killed a man after he took a gas station clerk in South Dakota hostage with a knife.

Former “Dances With Wolves” actor Nathan Chasing Horse has been formally charged in Nevada with eight felonies and two misdemeanors.

A Sioux Falls sewer and water contractor is facing thousands of dollars in federal penalties over a pair of alleged safety violations.

Unity in the cattle industry was the subject of a town hall event at the Black Hills Stock Show. In a Farm Bill year, just how unified of a front can cattle producers forge?

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