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Bill to allow raising certain business taxes clears House | Feb 06


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On today's update...

Another legislative session brings into frame taxation and its implications. In the House, one bill could make waves for the state’s businesses – including tourism.

A pair of bills authorizing the Unified Judicial System to create study groups are on their way to becoming law. One group will focus on providing services for young adult offenders. The other will look at finding and financing court appointed lawyers for indigent defendants.

The South Dakota Senate has sanctioned a member who was accused of harassing a legislative aide.
Republican Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller is among a right-wing group of lawmakers who have challenged the GOP establishment.

Lead Republicans in South Dakota are advancing a package of bills that they say would strengthen security of the 2024 elections, with hearings that began this week.

A bill that would codify provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act has been approved by the South Dakota House Judiciary Committee on a vote of 9 to 3. The bill requires the Department of Social Services to make active efforts to prevent removal of children from families.

Victims, detectives and federal agents are expected to speak in court Monday before a Las Vegas-area judge decides whether to grant bail to a former “Dances With Wolves” actor.

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