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Senate leader wants voters to let Senate to pick its own president | Jan 19


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On today's update...

A Republican Senator wants to ask voters to allow senators to decide who becomes president of the senate.
Currently, the Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate. The change requires a constitutional amendment.

The Unified Judicial System is proposing a study of young adult offenders, to determine how to handle them in the criminal justice system. That study is on its way to becoming reality, after House Bill 1063 was passed Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee with a unanimous vote.

The South Dakota House Education Committee has passed a resolution to study alternative paths for teens to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma.

A South Dakota legislative committee recommended that the Joint Appropriations Committee consider a bill that would allocate an additional $13 million to the Sanford Underground Research facility in the Black Hills. 

The House Education Committee passed House Bill 1055 to the Joint Appropriations Committee. It would increase the scholarship from $6,500 over four years to $7,500 yearly.

The South Dakota Senate honored the South Dakota State Jackrabbits football team. The Jacks beat rival North Dakota State University earlier this month for the FCS National Championship in Frisco, Texas.

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