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Lawmakers hope to get $200 million housing bill to Noem by week's end | Jan 17


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On today's update...

State lawmakers are beginning their second week of legislative session. The first two weeks of session are typically slower as bills are just getting introduced. But lawmakers are moving quickly to get $200 million out the door for housing infrastructure projects.

A plan to cut the state unemployment tax cleared the House Commerce and Energy committee Friday. The tax is paid by employers. It goes towards the state Reemployment Insurance Fund, which funds unemployment benefits.

U.S. Representatives Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.), Abigial Spanberger (D-VA), and Chip Roy (R-TX) re-introduced the bipartisan TRUST in Congress Act to require Members of Congress and their families to place their investments, like individual stocks, in a blind trust during their tenure in Congress. The legislation effectively bans Members of Congress from trading individual stocks.

It sounds like something out of science fiction--turning South Dakota natural gas into crypto-currency on the high plains. A cryptocurrency maker obtained natural gas leases in Harding County from the state's School and Public Lands.

Almost $2 billion in building permit valuations were obtained in the City of Sioux Falls this past year. That’s a 75% increase from 2021. The city requires the permits for construction, remodeling or new additions to commercial and residential properties.

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