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Winter storm throws retailers a knuckleball during holiday shopping season | Dec 20


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On today's update...

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with the arrival of seasonal weather. Though last week’s severe winter storm means challenges for business owners reliant on holiday shoppers.

Safety officials are reminding people to not dump snow on the right-of-way as South Dakotans continue to clean up from last week’s blizzard.

All state university TikTok accounts have officially left the social media app. Last month, Governor Kristi Noem issued an order prohibiting the app on state-owned devices, citing its ties to China.

Riders from the 38 plus 2 Memorial Ride stopped in Madison for rest and a community ceremony before continuing on horseback to Mankato. The Dakota 38 plus 2 Memorial Ride honors the 40 Dakota warriors who were hung in Mankato after the Dakota War of 1862.

The Lakota Language consortium is debuting a new edition of its Lakota Dictionary. This third edition contains twenty-thousand more entries than its predecessor.

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