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State Senate candidate facing felony sexual misconduct charge | Nov 4


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On today's update...

Republican candidate Joel Koskan is charged with one felony count of exposing a minor to sexual grooming behaviors. That’s a class four felony. 

Top South Dakota Republicans are calling the allegations against a state senate candidate “serious” and “horrific.” A probable cause statement written by the Division of Criminal Investigation details Koskan committed years of child sexual abuse and surveillance.

In Vermillion, a bond proposal for a new jail in Clay County has lost the vote multiple election cycles, but law enforcement say the project is unavoidable.

North Dakota’s Supreme Court will hear arguments later this month on the state’s abortion ban. This comes after the attorney general appealed a judge’s ruling that kept it from taking effect.

The Powerball is up to $1.5 billion , the second highest sum in three decades of play. And while your odds of hitting the jackpot are slim, the state of South Dakota is winning on every single ticket sold.

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