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Mayors, law enforcement concerned about marijuana legalization | Oct 27


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On today's update...

A group of mayors and law enforcement across the state are raising concerns about a ballot question to legalize marijuana possession. They say it will compromise public safety and public health.

Sports betting in Deadwood has now been in place for over a year, and casinos owners can look back and assess its impact. Sports wagering grew in popularity over its first year.

Supply and demand, a turn away from coal, and a war an ocean away are all leading to volatile natural gas prices. The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission says prepare your wallets for winter.

A former Fall River County Sheriff’s deputy is appealing the length of his federal sentence to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Francis James Kistler of Box Elder was sentenced in February this year to 25 years in prison for sexually exploiting two underage girls in 2019.

A jury in South Dakota has acquitted a man of manslaughter in a fatal shooting that happened during a struggle for a gun. Jurors deliberated late into Monday night.

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