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Top state Republicans criticize Biden student loan plan | Aug 26


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On today's update...

South Dakota’s congressional delegation are condemning the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness. The move by the White House forgives up to $20,000 in student loan debt for those making $125,000 or less a year.

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds discussed inflation, healthcare and student loan debt with an Inside Washington audience. Rounds visited Sioux Falls on Thursday.

South Dakota Senator John Thune says a bill he authored has helped push Google to address alleged bias on its Gmail platform. Republican leaders claim Google censors conservatives by sending a disproportionate amount of Republican campaign emails to spam.

The ACLU of South Dakota is collaborating with the national organization as the US Supreme Court considers a challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act. The case hinges on whether the federal policy is constitutional.

A water sample from the Big Sioux River taken just south of Brandon shows E. coli levels after a recent record rainfall were  almost two-hundred times higher than allowed Friends of the Big Sioux River took the water sample two days after the rain.

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