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NASA engineer talks telescope at Rotary Club meeting | July 26


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On today's update...

The sister of a man who died hiking in the Badlands says that he was camping as part of a trip to celebrate his college graduation when he became lost and ran out of water.

A team of spelunkers has taken a deep dive into a previously unmapped, underwater lake near Rapid City. The expedition took place in Brooks Cave, which is in the Black Hills Cave and Nature Conservancy.

The South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Parks has confirmed the presence of zebra mussels in Enemy Swim Lake in Day County. The lake is now considered infested.

The federal government manages more than 2 million acres in South Dakota, but a significant portion of that land reportedly lacks public access. Now people have a tool to report inaccessible federal land parcels.

A man who helped launch the latest space telescope visited the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls Monday. Bill Ochs is the project manager for the James Webb Space Telescope.

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