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Ravnsborg's punishment, charges similar to others in comparable accidents | April 19


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On today's update...

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg faces an upcoming trial in the Senate after an impeachment vote in the house. Some state leaders continue to say Ravnsborg got off easy when he avoided felony charges and jail time for a fatal crash. But an SDPB investigation found similar outcomes when reviewing comparable fatal accidents. 

More than 3,000 people were killed nationally in 2020 due to some form of distracted driving. It’s considered to be an underreported statistic regarding traffic crashes and fatalities.

Gas prices in South Dakota are almost ten cents lower than a month ago. A recent survey reports the national average has fallen nearly 4 cents in the past week and just over 21 cents in the past month.

A recent four-day expedition into Jewel Cave National Monument mapped 1.6 miles of new passageways. The cave is in the southwest part of the Black Hills. In 2014 a new area with numerous passageways was discovered deep within the cave. Much of it is still unexplored.

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