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High grain prices and market pressures raise soil health concerns | April 14


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On today's update...

A South Dakota expert says high prices at the grocery store could pressure farmers to plant more crops. And that could hurt the environment.

Some grain elevators are so full that farmers trying to sell their crops are being turned away. But at the same time, flour and animal-feed mills are halting production because they can’t get the grain they need.

Key members of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council say they plan to use $14 million from the Bezos Earth Fund to make sure the Biden administration follows through on its Justice40 initiative.

Experts say nonprofits of all kinds are getting hit hard by inflation. Price and wage increases are hurting nonprofits in multiple ways, making it harder to keep up with their own basic operational expenses while also forcing them to curtail the services they provide.

There’s one player on the Rapid City Marshals indoor football team who’s getting some special attention.

And more.

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