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South Dakota's trust industry faces scrutiny as Russia continues invasion of Ukraine | March 14


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On today's update...

The U.S. government wants to seize the assets of Russian political and business leaders. The move comes in response to the military invasion of Ukraine. South Dakota’s growing trust industry has laws designed to protect the identity and wealth held by its clients.

The national average is $4.33 per gallon. South Dakota’s average is $3.97. Gas prices have risen to an all-time high nationally, but South Dakota is still below its record.

Chinese authorities are reporting a new, fast-spreading variant of COVID-19. Chad Thury is a family medicine physician with Avera Health. He says viruses like COVID typically spread faster as they evolve, but also become less lethal.

A new report from the American Health Care Association says up to 40% of nursing home patients in the US live in facilities that are financially at risk. Close to half of South Dakota’s 110 nursing facilities are dealing with staffing shortages.

Staff and visitors at the Great Plains Zoo are celebrating a birth announcement. On March 1st, the zoo in Sioux Falls welcomed the birth of a male eastern bongo antelope, the newest member of a critically endangered species.

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