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South Dakota senators approve bill to shield students from 'discomfort' based on their race | March 01


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On today's update...

Governors and lawmakers in numerous U.S. states are seeking to add to the financial squeeze on Russia over its war against Ukraine. Governor Kristi Noem mostly took aim at President Joe Biden rather than issuing executive orders targeting Russia.

A South Dakota Senate committee has narrowly approved a proposal from Gov. Kristi Noem that would ban public universities from using training that compels people to feel “discomfort” based on their race.

South Dakota Republican senators advanced a proposal from Gov. Kristi Noem that aims to make the state one of the hardest places to get abortion pills.

State lawmakers have less than two weeks to craft the state budget. Typically, House and Senate lawmakers who set the budget meet together in the Joint Appropriations Committee.
But the lawmakers split into separate committees after a dispute.

The Oyate Health Center has assumed all health care responsibilities from the Indian Health Service at a facility in Rapid City.

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