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Rounds: US troops, no-fly zone in Ukraine could spark nuclear war with Russia | Feb 25


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On today's update...

The president of Ukraine wants countries to send troops and impose a no-fly zone as Russia continues its attack on Ukraine. US Senator Mike Rounds opposes these options. He says it means a direct confrontation with Russia that could escalate to nuclear war.

South Dakota's congressional delegation supports President Joe Biden’s additional sanctions against Russian institutions after the country invaded Ukraine. Representative Dusty Johnson says sanctions can make a big difference, especially since other countries are joining in.

The head of the Division of Criminal Investigation says he’s not concerned about a conversation Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg had about cell-phone data. After Ravnsborg struck and killed a man with his vehicle in 2020, Ravnsborg asked a DCI agent to explain how information is recovered from mobile devices.

Senate Republicans are rejecting a proposal to cut the state sales tax by a half a percent. The bill would cut the sales tax from 4.5 percent down to four percent. The half percent tax was added in 2016 to increase teacher pay and provide property tax relief.

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