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South Dakota GOP senators reject LGBTQ support resolution | Feb 23


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On today's update...

South Dakota Senate Republicans rejected a proposed resolution that would have commended South Dakota’s LGBTQ and Native American Two Spirit community.

The South Dakota House is passing a proposal to allow employees to avoid their workplace COVID-19 vaccine requirement by citing any objection of their conscience.

The prosecutors who decided against more serious charges against South Dakota’s attorney general in a fatal crash are set to testify at a hearing on whether he should face impeachment.

A Senate panel is rejecting a proposal that would reduce taxes for some ranchers. The bill would allow ranchers to change the tax classification of land above 1,950 feet in elevation that’s remained grassland for 20 years.

Hemp is newly legal in South Dakota, and demand is growing. The non-intoxicating cousin of marijuana is useful in human food, fiber and other products. Hemp processing also creates a byproduct. A South Dakota State University student wonders if there’s a use for that byproduct in agriculture.

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