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Native group funds liaison for cases of missing and murdered Indigenous people | Feb 16


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On today's update...

A Native American outreach center is funding a liaison to coordinate investigations of Missing and Murdered Indigenous people. The state-government position has been vacant since July 1st.

A proposal to bar South Dakota election officials from accepting donations for election operating costs is gaining support from Republican lawmakers in the state Senate.

The South Dakota House has approved a pair of proposals initiated by Gov. Kristi Noem that would ban university trainings and public K-12 school curricula that make students feel “discomfort” on account of their race.

A proposal to expand Medicaid health coverage eligibility was defeated in the South Dakota Senate. That leaves the decision to voters in the November election.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps low-income people buy food. But in South Dakota they can’t buy prepared food … at least not yet.

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