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Bills seek funding for liaison to investigate missing and murdered Indigenous cases | Feb 7


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On today's update...

Two Native American lawmakers want the state to fund an office to investigate cases of missing and murdered Indigenous people. A law was passed last year to create the liaison’s office but the role has not yet been filled.

A measure allowing Native American students to wear beaded graduation caps has passed the House Education committee. However, the committee killed two other bills dealing with the representation of Native Americans in public schools.

In a close vote, the South Dakota Senate has passed a bill that proposes to make hazing a crime. It now heads to the House side.

The South Dakota House Education Committee has passed a measure requiring public schools to display the state seal or state motto. South Dakota’s state motto is “Under God the People Rule.”

Governor Kristi Noem’s reelection campaign has returned $980 to a Florida millionaire.

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