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Impeachment spam calls and a judge looks at Noem's new abortion rules | Feb 1


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On today's update...

House lawmakers are passing a pair of bills aimed at transgender South Dakota students.

A federal judge will decide the fate of the Noem administration’s new rules on medication abortions within the next week.  Those rules require a total of four separate appointments for a person seeking an abortion by pill.

The House impeachment committee is requesting federal and out-of-state law enforcement help to investigate telemarketer calls. Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch says the calls attempted to influence committee members about impeachment.

A bill that increases funding for private school scholarships is making its way through the legislature.

The House Ag Committee is rejecting a campground expansion for Custer State Park. The majority Republican panel voted 9 to 3 against the proposal, even after Game, Fish and Parks officials scaled back and relocated the project.

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