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3 bills targeting trans kids have been introduced at this year's legislative session | Jan 21

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On today's update ...

South Dakota lawmakers and Governor Kristi Noem have introduced at least three bills focused on transgender children. The bills seek to prevent transgender girls from playing in girls’ sports. They also restrict which school bathroom a transgender student can use.

State lawmakers have killed Governor Kristi Noem’s bill requiring a moment of silence in schools for prayer or reflection.

Lawmakers are headed for a showdown over the home cultivation of medical marijuana. A House committee just passed a bill to ban it. A Senate committee is considering the number of cannabis plants a medical marijuana patient can grow.

Sanford Health and Avera Health are urging the public to take preventative steps against the omicron variant of COVID-19. To combat the current surge in the coronavirus pandemic, officials recommend vaccination, masks, and utilizing at-home test kits.

Tourism officials say South Dakota saw a record number of visitors in 2021. That makes it the first state to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels.

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