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Omicron is spiking cases and hospitalizations in South Dakota | Jan 07


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On today's update

Research shows that Omicron is less severe that previous COVID-19 variants. But it’s more contagious and that’s leading to a spike in cases and hospitalizations. 

A legislative review panel is greenlighting new abortion rules that prevent medical abortions, except in a licensed abortion facility.

South Dakota ranks among the worst in pay for nursing. 
That, along with the coronavirus pandemic, is exacerbating a nursing shortage in the state.

A Midwestern company is trying to gain support for a multi-state project that involves capturing carbon from ethanol plants and moving it underground for storage.

The January 1st deadline for state universities to create “Opportunity Centers” has come and gone and each university had to come up with its own plan.

And more.

Megan hosts All Things Considered and the SDPB News podcast.