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South Dakota starts 2022 with 8,800 active COVID cases and 8 deaths | Jan 03

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On today's update

A new year does not mean the end of last year’s problems with COVID-19. South Dakota is beginning 2022 with nearly 8,800 active cases. That’s up more than 3,000 from the same date last year.

Locally operated electrical vehicle charging stations have been slow to arrive in South Dakota. But some are opening after struggling with supply chain issues and competition.

Some local South Dakota businesses have struggled during the pandemic. But others have seen success by focusing on online shopping and social media.

A Louisiana federal judge has ruled that President Joe Biden cannot require teachers in the Head Start early education program to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The decision comes following a federal lawsuit put forth by 24 states, including South Dakota.

A noted Oglala Lakota artist living in Rapid City has just published his first book of art, titled Visual/Language: The Ledger Drawings of Dwayne Wilcox. Wilcox has been inspired by the traditional ledger artists of the 1800s. But he has made the art form his own with contemporary images, wry observations, and compassionate humor.

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