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Expanding eligibility for Medicaid

On today's show...

SDPB's Evan Walton offers an in-depth exploration of the battle between Summit Carbon Solutions and some landowners.

James Bluemel returns to Iraq in his new PBS FRONTLINE documentary "Once Upon a Time in Iraq: Fallujah." He explores the battle to retake Fallujah through the stories of those who lived it.

Learn more about "Once Upon a Time in Iraq: Fallujah."

Last fall, voters supported a measure to expand South Dakotans' eligibility for Medicaid. More people will qualify for health benefits through the program.

Rolling out the expansion has been complicated. We hold a roundtable discussion with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, South Dakota Voices for Peace and LEAD South Dakota to break down who's eligible, how to apply and who's facing a gap in care.

Journalist Kevin Woster was recently stopped by someone collecting petition signatures. He recounts the discussion they shared.

Plus, author Simone Stolzoff joins In the Moment to share the job advice he knows he needs to follow himself. His book "The Good Enough Job" explores how to reclaim your life from your work.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
Ari Jungemann is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.