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The Iraq War 20 years later

Poet and veteran Brian Turner
Poet and veteran Brian Turner

On today's In the Moment...

What lessons did we learn from the Iraq War? We look back with 20 years worth of hindsight to find out.

Brian Turner served for seven years in the Army. He's now one of America's leading voices on the veteran experience. He joins In the Moment to remember his time fighting the war and how he's left a literary legacy.

He'll be speaking on Monday, March 20 at 6 p.m. CT at Augustana University.

First, In the Moment welcomes U.S. Senator Mike Rounds. He discusses the landscape of a war happening right now in Ukraine.

How does the United States' actions in Ukraine send a message to other countries like Russia and China?

We'll also revisit South Dakota's ratification of the only constitutional amendment ever to be repealed.

Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
Ellen Koester is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.