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Lakota people in their own words, and the tortured realities of a divided America

Evans Flammond, Sr.

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Public schools also need private support. Today we look at one effort to engage a community in the work of public education. The Rapid City Public School Foundation was founded in 1994. Kara Flynn is a public education advocate and is now the organization's executive director. Kara is also a member of the Friends of SDPB Board of Directors.

The Link in Sioux Falls opened its doors in June of 2021. This space is for individuals experiencing a non-violent behavioral health crisis or is dealing with substance abuse. In the first 7 months of its existence, it has had more than 2,300 responses. In September 2021, Bill Earley was appointed The Link's executive director.

Author Jung Yun's second novel takes readers to the Bakken oil boom in North Dakota. The protagonist is journalist Elinor Hanson, a former model. Elinor is Korean-American, North Dakotan, Midwestern. She returns to her home in search of a story and in search of her own story in a swiftly changing landscape. The book is called "O Beautiful."

Step Into My Studio: The Foundry. It takes a lot to be able to appreciate a finished piece of sculpture art. From clay to bronze, there are several steps along the path from concept to appreciation. That's where Rick Haugen and the artist at the Bronze Age Foundry come in. Taking a work of art and creating another one that looks just like it. It's not just hard work, it's hard art.

Lakota on the Pine Ridge reservation are telling their own story and preserving memories for future generations. The “Heart of All Oral History Project” is a seven-part audio series exploring some of the most important stories and events of the Lakota people.

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