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The timber industry, calling 911, and analyzing Sherry Bren's testimony

Hudson River, Logging, 1891-1892
Corcoran Collection, NGA
Timber was one of any American settlement's first established industries, with roots that well-predate the United States.

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Miss America's 100th Anniversary national competition began Sunday and wraps up on Thursday in Connecticut. Miss South Dakota, Kaitlin O'Neill, grew up in Groton and is with us today to share her personal journey.

Who responds when you call 911? Thursday nights On Call with the Prairie Doc® on SDPB TV will discuss that. Dr. Deb Johnston hosts and joins us today with a preview.

Dakota Political Junkies Jonathan Ellis and Jon Hunter join us for a look at the week's top political headlines in South Dakota. We'll explore the impact of testimony from Sherry Bren, the former executive director of the state's Appraiser Certification Program. We'll also discuss the Noem administration's response to Bren's testimony.

We Take a Moment for a holiday musical classic. Black Hills vocalist Sophia Beatty performed "The Christmas Song" during SDPB's Jazz Nightly Holiday Special earlier this week. This weekend, she performs at the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish.

Forester Dave Mertz says the Black Hills National Forest simply cannot sustain current logging levels. We talk with Mertz about the detailed science of the General Technical Report along with what the forest is already revealing about over-harvesting.

The In Play podcast is hosted by Craig Mattick. This Tuesday he talks with former teacher, administrator, and coach Bob Winters from the Yankton School District. Craig joins us today with a look into that podcast.

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