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Black Friday deals, virtual training, and gender expression in Watertown

Joshua Haiar

In the Moment is SDPB’s daily news and arts program.

Underground and surface mines can be very dangerous environments. South Dakota Mines has spent the past year developing a virtual reality training module that essentially mimics the mining environment and its mission is to improve hazard safety instruction.

SDPB's Richard Two Bulls recently talked with the cofounders of the Toksa Hour. This is a live show that is meant to inform the Oglala Lakota Oyate on topics that are relevant to the tribe and the surrounding area.

Tech companies are starting early to get ahead of Black Friday deals, supply chain disruptions and the holiday rush. The Tech Radio experts join us to preview the latest gadgets and gear.

Former Rapid City mayor Don Barnett discusses his book and his life in his own words.

Sioux Falls pianist and composer David Mercer joins us to preview his upcoming performance at the Belbas Theater in Sioux Falls. We'll also discuss his recorded offerings, including the album "Merry Martial."

The drag queens and producers of the HBO series We're Here travel to small-town America to spread love, connection, and self-expression through the art of drag. The premiere of their episode from Watertown, S.D., is set for November 15.

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Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
Chris is a producer for In the Moment.