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History 605 Season 3, Ep 15: What happened to the Arikara?

In this episode, we speak to Mark Van de Logt, author of "Between the Floods: A History of the Arikaras." The Arikara, who are now merged with the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes and living in North Dakota, but used to be a major community of people who lived for more than three centuries along the Missouri River valley in what is today South Dakota. We get at the answer to the question, why are they not in South Dakota today and what can we learn from Arikara culture? In our conversation we discuss this tribe's religion, history, and what they tell us about the how the Arikara understood the world, endured waves of small pox epidemics and endured wars against the Lakota and the United States Army. We can all learn from Arikara wisdom.