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History 605 S3 Ep 10: Exploring with Custer

How does the US Army's 1874 Black Hills Expedition continue to make history? How has the Black Hills changed? Who recorded the information and who took the Army's remarkable photographs? Custer, South Dakota Photographer, and author Paul Horsted comes on the show to talk about the expedition and explain how the forest, roads, and buildings all mark historical change. He also discusses the fascinating trek Custer's 7th Cavalry made in 1874 guided by Arikara scouts and shows the day-by-day events, details, and the people who participated in the expedition. Horsted recounts several fascinating people. Not only Custer, but the Arikara scouts Bloody Knife and Goose, the Lakota leader One Stab, Capt Frederick Benteen, Lt Colonel Frederick Grant, and of course the amazing photography of William Illingworth who left a you and I such a great visual record.

To view Illingworth's photos online at the South Dakota State Archives see: For a copy of Paul Horsted's and Ernest Grafe's books click here.