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History 605 S3, Ep 3 A Failed Vision of Empire with Daniel Burge.

With this episode, we take on a tricky subject. What does it mean about 19th Century America that Manifest Destiny was a failed political aim? What does it mean about early 20th Century America that it misinterpreted the very meaning of Manifest Destiny? In this episode, we speak with Daniel Burge, author of "A Failed Vision of Empire: The Collapse of Manifest Destiny, 1845-1872" published by University of Nebraska Press. Burge shows us how historical analysis sometimes makes mistakes but his book attempts to correct the record about manifest destiny. More importantly, he describes the 'Manifest Destiny' as one of many issues in American politics, but one that was hotly debated by Americans at the time. More importantly, that as an ideology manifest destiny failed to gain political popularity with 19th Century American voters.