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History 605: S2, Ep 19: History, Disrupted

Do you find your history on the internet or does "eHistory" find you? Social media and the world wide web is filled with photographs and information about the past, but how do you make sense of it while you google? We spoke with Jason Steinhauer, author of "History, Disrupted: How Social Media and the World Wide Web has Changed the Past." We discuss the downside of how the computer revolution's values of free choice and user experience are perhaps making us even more ignorant. Who makes the choices and how are we to know what's the best information? We also discuss the value of historical expertise in this world wide web-saturated world. I hope this episode gives you something to consider about eHistory. The book can be found here: History, Disrupted: How Social Media and the World Wide Web Have Changed the Past | SpringerLink"