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History 605: S2, Ep12 'Plains Political Tradition'

How can political candidates win in South Dakota?

To answer that, one has to know something about the state's complicated political culture, traditions, and voting habits. Some of those answers can be found in our just-released book, "Plains Political Traditions," edited by Jon Lauck and Paula Nelson.

The 4th in the series of books that describe various elections, political races, and other aspects of cultural issues in our complicated state.

Today's guests are Jon Lauck and Tony Venhuizen, who have researched, written, and also have directly participated in many of the state's more recent campaigns. They explain the work of the essays by Greg Rose, Randi Ramsden, Justin Blessinger, Daryl Webb, Sean Flynn, Paul Higbee, Paul Wilson, Marshall Damgaard, and Michael Card. Done in memory of the late John Miller, Professor Miller taught the three of us how to think historically about the state and region.

I hope you enjoy this episode. For a copy of the book see here.