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History 605: S2, Ep2 'Whatever Our Language, We Have the Same Flag'

Library of Congress

This podcast is produced by the South Dakota State Historical Society.

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Much of history is an attempt to understand culture and language is a window to culture like nothing else.

So how can we understand the immigrants on the northern plains if we don’t speak their language?

In the late 19th century Germans left Europe in massive numbers and thousands settled in what is now South Dakota. What kind of culture did they bring with them? What kind of culture was created by them mixing with other cultures on the northern plains?

German newspapers provide a great deal of insight on that and Istvan Gambocz has the rare talent to understand this aspect of South Dakota’s history.

His article in the Fall 2021 South Dakota History, won the Herbert S. Schell Prize for the best essay of the year.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Istvan.