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History 605: S1, Ep 18, 'Before March Madness: The Wars for the Soul of College Basketball'

NCAA basketballs.

This podcast is produced by the South Dakota State Historical Society. To support the state historical society, contact the foundation at (605) 773-6346

March Madness is approaching.

But what we've come to know of today as the national college basketball tournament didn't always exist.

In this episode of History 605, historian Kurt Kemper shares with us that today's "March Madness" is a product of the arguments between schools on the purpose of athletics, cheating scandals, racial tensions, and even fights over the dribble rule.

Kemper's curiosity about how the University of South Dakota won the 1958 national championship started him down the path resulting in this book.

I hope you enjoy our discussion of "Before March Madness: The Wars for the Soul of College Basketball."

The book can be found here.