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History 605: S1, Ep 15, "Electing George S. Mickelson: How Calf-pulling won the SD Governorship"

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This podcast is produced by the South Dakota State Historical Society. To support the state historical society, contact the foundation at (605) 773-6346

How did George S. Mickelson come from behind to become Governor of South Dakota?

In this episode of History 605 we speak to Paul Wilson who worked on Mickelson's campaign staff for both the 1986 and 1990 campaigns for Governor. His use of short but effective commercials speaking to voters and focused campaigning in selected parts of the state won the election for Mickelson. Wilson also crafted the 1990 State of the State address where Mickelson introduced the Year of Reconciliation.

The episode is based on Wilson's essay in the coming Plains Political Traditions, Vol 4, edited by Jon Lauck and Paula Nelson.