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More Fresh Tracks top albums of the year (final part)

Sturgis native David Hersrud brings his years in the music industry and lifelong interest in discovering new music to this episode of Fresh Tracks.

David and Larry Rohrer round out their "Top Albums of the Year" list with music from Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie and Suede. Plus, they pop into local music stores to crowdsource recommendations from music enthusiasts.

Fresh Tracks has released its list of top 25 albums of the year. Give the final picks a listen:

Spoon: "Lucifer on the Sofa"
According to the Fresh Tracks experts, there's no such thing as a bad Spoon album. There are really good Spoon albums, and there are excellent Spoon albums.

"Lucifer on the Sofa" falls in the latter category. It is the 10th full-length studio album from the Texan indie rock band.

Death Cab for Cutie: "Asphalt Meadows"
Death Cab for Cutie is an indie rock band that formed in the late 90s. "Asphalt Meadows" is the band's 10th album, but it feels as fresh as all their previous albums. Filled with musical surprises, this album is their best effort in years.

Suede: "Autofiction"
Also known as The London Suede, Suede is much bigger on the other side of the pond than in the States. They're considered one of British pop's "big four" along with Pulp, Blur and Oasis.

If you're unfamiliar with Suede, get acquainted with the band through their ninth studio album. If you're already a fan, "Autofiction" includes everything you love about the band.

Local favorites

David and Larry polled fans in record stores across the state for their favorite songs to come out of 2022 and the songs and artists they thought didn't get the recognition they deserved this year.

Keith from Ernie November in Rapid City
The Smile: “Free in the Knowledge”

Dan from TOTAL DRAG in Sioux Falls
Crack Cloud: "Tough Baby”

Dendrons: "High in the Circle K"

Jennifer from Black Hills Vinyl
Early James: “Strange Time to Be Alive”

Adrian Quesada: “Jaguar Sound”

Larry, although retired as Assistant General Manager for SDPB, continues to write, host, and do media production and voice work for SDPB.
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