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Artists and Bands that consistently release good music

Sturgis' David Hersrud brings his years in the music industry and lifelong interest in discovering new music to SDPB.

From hundreds of new albums so far in 2022, here are suggestions for new music from artists who are consistent and never disappoint on this episode of Fresh Tracks.

Larry’s Suggestions:
Willy Nelson – “A Beautiful Time”

Dolly Parton – “Run Rose Run”

David Suggestions:
Calexico “El Mirador”
-the band’s 10th full length studio album; Band is named for border town of Calexico, CA

Lyle Lovett “12th of June”
-10 years since last album, original songs plus unique covers, his usual dose of understated southern humor

The Hu: “This Is Mongol”
-heavy metal band from Mongolia, use traditional instruments and Tuvan throat singing where the singer is able to produce 2 or more notes at once, -sing exclusively in their native tongue

Mazel Tov Cocktail Party: “North Country Square Dance”
-Imagine a multi-racial, culturally diverse band consisting of a famous Klezmer clarinet player, an Iranian percussionist, a jazz bass player, a French-Canadian soul singer and rapper, an Arabic oudist guitarist, and 2 producers of electronic beats and samples, their mission to get the whole world dancing

Larry, although retired as Assistant General Manager for SDPB, continues to write, host, and do media production and voice work for SDPB.