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SDPB To Broadcast Live for Neutrino Day 7/7


SDPB To Broadcast Live for Neutrino Day 7/7

SDPB employee Cara Hetland will broadcast from the 4850 level of the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) on Friday, July 7th, from 12-1pm Central (11-12 MT). Featured will the Neutrino Day keynote speaker as well as scientists working in the underground lab. The guests are as follows:

  • Henry Red Cloud – Chief Henry Red Cloud found Red Cloud Renewable in 2008 to offer new approaches to old ways of sustainability. He teaches a New Way to honor old ways to students from more than 50 tribes across the Northern Plans. He says there are three pillars that support his work on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Solar Energy Education, Weatherization Programs, and Sustainable, Affordable home building.
  • Brian Malow – Brian Malow is a self-proclaimed Earth’s Premier Science Comedian and science communicator. He freelances as a speaker, performer, consultant, writer, and producer, and has performed all over the world. He’s available for off-world appearances if transportation is provided. He is the Neutrino Day keynote speaker and defines science comedy as drawing from the vocabulary of science for analogies and metaphors. He celebrates science by being silly.
  • Sam Meijar – Sam Meijer is a staff scientist at Los Alamost National Laboratory and co-principal investigator of the tantalum experiment on the 4850 level of SURF. The Majorana Demonstrator’s science ended, and the detector was repurposed to search for the decay of nature’s rarest isotope: tantalum-180m. Meijer discusses the collaboration, what they know and what they hope to find, and how it will impact physics.
  • Mike Headley – Mike Headley is the Executive Director of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority and the Laboratory Director of the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) where he leads the team in the development and operation of the underground science lab.
  • Constance Walter – is the Communications Director and leads the Neutrino Day festivities. She’ll discuss the Saturday events.

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