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In The Moment: Mel Schopp And Deb Soholt Discuss Working With "What Is"

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Beth Schneider is the executive director of Jobs for America's Graduates-South Dakota, known as JAG-SD. Today we learn more of this program and its benefits. 

SDPB's Richard Two Bulls and Kehala Two Bulls join the show to discuss the need for mentors, volunteers, and advocates specifically for the Seventh Circuit CASA program. Kehala is the organization's executive director.

Life can move at lightning speed, and every now and again, we all need a heavy reality check. Influential She's Mel Schopp and Deb Soholt join us for a look at the truth-slapping work of considering "What Is." We'll talk about working within the confines of our current situations, even when those situations feel out of our control.

Eliza Blue reflects on how the book Black Beauty relates to her current life on the ranch in this month's "Postcards from the Prairie."

South Dakota State Historian Ben Jones joins us for a preview of Monday's new episode of History 605. In it, Ben Jones talks with author Jerome Greene about his book, All Guns Fired at One Time.