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Losing Your Garden To The Drought? "Find A Way To Shade"


Home gardens and hobby farms in the state are struggling due to ongoing drought conditions and climate change. That means gardeners need to take unusual measures to preserve their plants. 


Mary Deibert is a master gardener, a title earned by taking an intensive class from the SDSU Extension. She says consistent high temperatures and low rainfall are damaging plants, but there is something people can do to help. 


“You need to find a way to shade those gardens, those things are supposed to be full sun, right, look for a place that's full sun with a vegetable garden. Not anymore. Those plants are needing to be shaded some. When it's this intense out they shut down.” 


Diebert says the intense heat can cause misshapen or improperly ripened vegetables.  


A majority of the state is suffering from severe drought conditions. 


This story comes from a recent interview on SDPB's weekday radio program, "In the Moment." Listen to the full interview below.