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In The Moment: The Stress Of Financially Planning For The End Of Your Life


A landmark report released today from the United Nations outlines the human activities leading to catastrophic climate change. Bill Capehart is Associate Professor in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences & Civil and Environmental Engineering at South Dakota Mines. He joins us for insight into the methodology of the report and its potential impact.

SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins us for a look at the latest Forest Plan for the Black Hills National Forest.

COVID inspired many South Dakotans to rethink their end-of-life planning. It may be a sign of respect to be named the executor of a person's will, but there is also an emotional toll. Financial Therapist Rick Kahler joins us to unpack the turmoil.

This week in 1927 Calvin Coolidge made opening remarks at the Mt. Rushmore dedication ceremony. We explore his thoughts about the men of the mountain.

So-called Green Book listings helped Black Americans navigate travel during the age of limited civil rights protections. Historian Liz Almlie joins us with insight from South Dakota's historical Green Book listings. 

Lake Oahe is a popular spot for anglers trying to hook walleye, bass, and pike. But what about salmon? SDPB's Laura Johnson reports on salmon fishing north of Pierre.