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In The Moment: Resolving And Healing From Financial Traumas


COVID-19 cases are on a bit of an uptick in western South Dakota. Dr. Shankar Kurra from Monument Health joins us to discuss the latest with the delta variant.

Secretary Marcia Hultman of the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation joins us with an update on the economic recovery and back-to-work in South Dakota.

The wounds of financial loss are often felt most acutely by children. What does that mean for families as we move toward a post-pandemic South Dakota? Financial Therapist Rick Kahler joins us to help us understand healing and recovery from financial shocks.

On this day in 1964, a prehistoric archeological site known as the "Crow Creek" site is designated as a National Historic Landmark. It revealed a prehistoric community, a mass grave of over 450 individuals, and an examination of policies regarding the reburial of native remains.

SDPB's Jackie Hendry reports on the repatriation of the remains of several children who died under the care of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, the first U.S. government Indian boarding school.

The Emerging Visual Artists Program at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City is providing some exposure for recent Rapid City Stevens graduate Vanessa Frank. Her solo exhibition, on display through August 13, spotlights her highly detailed 2D black and white portraits of people and architecture.