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In The Moment: The Return Of Native Children's Remains From Federal Boarding Schools


Brandi Morin is a Cree/Iroqouis French journalist on assignment for National Geographic. She has been covering the return of the remains of Native American children from the Carlisle Industrial Indian School to the Rosebud Tribe. We check in with Morin from the road.  

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds discusses Congressional support of repatriations of student remains from federal boarding schools.

Denise Lajimodiere, Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe and former board member for the National Native American Boarding Schools, joins us for context regarding the return of the disinterred remains of nine Native American children from the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

Poetry from Studio 47 features the work of Zitkala-Sa. 

SDPB's Laura Johnson adds context to our coverage with insight from adults who attended Indian Boarding Schools.

Whitney Rencountre joins us for conversation and song as we welcome the return of relatives to tribal lands.