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In The Moment: Noem At CPAC And Her Fight Against Marxist Indoctrination

  • President Biden's American Rescue Plan is designed to provide relief to Americans and stimulate the economy. The plan ultimately granted Tribes authorization to use these funds to do the same in their jurisdictions. The Oglala Sioux Tribe went live recently with their COVID-10 Household Economic Assistance Program that will provide assistance to eligible tribal members whose households have been negatively affected by COVID. SDPB's Richard Two Bulls joins us with more.

  • At Sunday's CPAC in Dallas, Governor Kristi Noem kept up her vocal concerns about the threat of teaching students certain concepts she claims to be part of a Marxist indoctrination effort in the public school system. Some say the perception of a supposed Marxist indoctrination effort is resulting in an actual effort by conservatives to politicize history and civics education. SDPB's Joshua Haiar reports.

  • Governor Kristi Noem is defending her pandemic response and challenging other Republic governors to be honest about theirs. Two people have resigned from the state workgroup tasked with revising social studies standards in South Dakota. And the political battle over Critical Race Theory continues. We explore these topics today for our Dakota Political Junkies segment.

  • Dale Lamphere is South Dakota's Artist Laureate. He has completed 60 major public sculptures, including the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington D.C. and the Dignity of Earth and Sky sculpture standing on the bluffs of the Missouri River.