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Proposed Rules: Caregivers, Staff Can Administer Medical Cannabis to Public K-12 Students


 South Dakota K through 12 students, just like adults, can receive a doctor’s approval to use cannabis for medical conditions. And they might need to take the drug at regular intervals throughout the day or when they experience unpredictable symptoms.  

Students should be able to take care of those medical needs at school, the Board of Education Standards unanimously agreed during a Friday meeting to revise medical cannabis rules.  

But the students won’t be able to possess or use the drug on their own. Instead, schools must let registered caregivers administer cannabis to the student.  

"The designated caregiver may not administer the medical cannabis in a manner that creates disruption to the educational environment or causes exposure to other students,” the rules say.  

School districts can also choose, but aren’t required, to store students’ cannabis at school. Individual school staffers also have a choice to make.  

“School personnel may volunteer to store and administer medical cannabis in a non-smokable form to any student cardholder. Nothing in this section requires the school personnel to administer medical cannabis,” the rules say.   

These policies, if approved, will mean younger students will have more access to medical cannabis at school compared to older, college students. The Board of Regents says the drug won’t be allowed on campuses or any other university property.  

K-12 schools are still allowed to limit the storage and use of medical cannabis, which must be ingested in some way other than smoking.  

“Such policies may also set parameters for student participation in school-sponsored activities or educational tasks that may put the student or others in an unsafe environment or potentially cause disruption,” the rules say.  

The Legislature’s interim rules review committee will decide whether to approve the K-12 rules during a July 19 meeting in Pierre.